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The Apple iPhone 15 Pro is a sophisticated blend of robust materials and high-tech innovation, offering a plethora of features that cater to a wide range of users. The sleek design, forged in aerospace-grade titanium, is not only eye-catching but also offers one of the best strength-to-weight ratios of any metal, making it significantly lighter than previous models. The fine-brushed finish on the titanium housing is achieved through precision-machining, sanding, brushing and blasting, showcasing a meticulous attention to detail. This craftsmanship extends to the Ceramic Shield front and (Apple claims) the toughest back glass in a smartphone, which together with that strong titanium chassis, forms a trifecta of toughness.

The iPhone 15 Pro comes in various capacities including 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and a massive 1TB, ensuring ample storage for all your photos, videos and apps. The price starts from $1,849 (128GB) and steps to $2,049 (256GB), $2,399 (512GB) and finally $2,749 for the 1TB variant. 

The 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display of the iPhone 15 Pro, with ProMotion technology, offers adaptive refresh rates up to 120Hz, ensuring smooth scrolling and exceptional graphics performance when needed, and can reduce refresh rates to save power when not required. The Always-On display feature keeps your lock screen glanceable without having to tap it, a convenient feature to stay updated with the time or notifications at a glance.

At the core of the iPhone 15 Pro lies the A17 Pro chip, a significant redesign boasting the biggest leap in graphics performance in the history of Apple GPUs. This chip not only accelerates gaming experiences but also facilitates hardware-accelerated ray tracing for the first time in a smartphone, delivering fluid graphics and realistic lighting effects.

For photography enthusiasts, the Pro camera system is a marvel. It includes a 48MP main camera, 12MP ultrawide camera, and two telephoto lenses of 12MP each, offering a comprehensive range of focal lengths to work with, akin to having seven professional lenses in your pocket. This system, coupled with features like spatial video capture, enables a new level of photography and videography, allowing users to capture high-resolution photos with rich detail and colour.

The iPhone 15 Pro also takes a leap towards environmental responsibility. The internal frame is made from 100% recycled aluminium, reflecting Apple’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and working towards its 2030 climate goals.

The iPhone 15 Pro offers a compelling mix of design, performance and camera capabilities, making it a noteworthy upgrade for those seeking the latest in smartphone technology. Whether you’re a gamer, a photographer, or someone who appreciates a blend of aesthetic and durable design, the iPhone 15 Pro has a rich feature set to meet a variety of needs.

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Data Capabilities Bluetooth, Wi Fi, GPS, 3G, 4G, CDMA, 5G
Features Camera, Water Resistant, Face ID, Front Facing Camera
Phone Type touchscreen
Operating System iOS

Apple’s smaller pro model has plenty of reasons why you might choose it over the Max. This is an extremely powerful phone in a form that fits perfectly in your pocket and your hand.

Reasons to buy

  • + Lighter titanium build
  • + USB-C charging is handy
  • + Smaller form factor fits better in the hand

Reasons to avoid

  • - Screen may be too small for some
  • - Misses the 5X zoom option
  • - Action button isn’t a big deal
5 stars
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What is the official Australian price for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro?

In Australia, the official recommended retail prices (RRPs) for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro differ based on the included storage. There are four different capacities available:

  • 128GB – $1,849

  • 256GB – $2,049

  • 512GB – $2,399

  • 1TB – $2,749

What is the official Australian price for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro?

In Australia, the official recommended retail prices (RRPs) for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro differ based on the included storage. Those are as follows:

  • 128GB – $1,849

  • 256GB – $2,049

  • 512GB – $2,399

  • 1TB – $2,749

When is the best time to buy an iPhone 15 Pro?

While specific iPhone models do tend to get cheaper over time, they’re generally in highest demand during the first 18 months after they’re released. If you’re looking to buy during this time frame, based on examining historical trends and discounts for iPhone 14 Pro prices and iPhone 13 Pro prices, the Black Friday sales period of the following year (so around 13-14 months from launch) tends to have the best deals. If you’re prepared to wait, you can sometimes snag discounts of close to 30%. For example, during last year’s Black Friday period, the 1TB iPhone 14 Pro was reduced from its regular price of $2,599 to just $1,849 in the Amazon sale – that’s a $750 (or 29%) discount.

What is a good price for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro?

As we mentioned above, iPhone prices do drop as time passes and newer replacement models launch. iPhones do hold their value better than most Android devices however, and to a large degree the kind of discount you can get depends on when the phone you’re after was released. As a general guide, we’d suggest aiming for the following price reductions if you’re hunting for a bargain iPhone 15 Pro:

  • First 6 months after release: 10% off RRP

  • 6 months to 1 year from release: 20% off RRP

  • 1 year or more after release: 25%+ off RRP

As a real-world example, here’s what you’d pay for the 256GB model of the iPhone 15 Pro with those kind of discounts:

  • 10% off: $1,845

  • 20% off: about $1,639

  • 25% off: about $1,537

Are there any discount codes or coupons for the iPhone 15 Pro?

Quite possibly! Check out our selection of Apple Store coupons and Electronics discount codes to see if there’s a promo code or voucher that can save you even more on an iPhone 15 Pro.

What is the most popular iPhone 15 Pro model?

The best discounts on iPhones (and smartphones generally) are, for better or worse, often on the less-popular models – some colours and capacities naturally don’t sell as well as others, so these tend to be the ones that most frequently see their prices reduced. 
Based on internet search interest, the black and 256GB models of iPhone 15 Pro appear to be the most popular choices in terms of colour and storage capacity. That’s followed respectively by blue, natural and white when it comes to colour, and 128GB, 512GB and then 1TB for capacity. So, if you’re looking for the biggest savings, a white 1TB model might be your best bet.

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